cast: Katya Campbell, Owen Campbell, Jordyn diNatale, Caleb Scott, & Colleen Werthmann

Scenic design: John McDermott
Lighting design: Grant Yeager
Costume design: Paloma Young
Sound design: Amy Altadonna
Projections: Aaron Rhyne
Props: Kate Foster

Produced by Erica Rotstein and Stephen Stout
Stage Manager: Amy Groeschel
Casting director: Anne Davison

Is there such a thing as a bad seed?

Close your eyes and count to three.

Lucy’s a child, and a child’s a person, and people can do the ugliest things. Charlotte’s an expert in ugly things. And the bloody, funny, terrible chase is on.

Radically imaginative and achingly plain, RECALL explores our need to feel connected, understood, and loved. No matter the damage, no matter the cost.


deftly balances the humdrum and the horrific” and compares Eliza to Martin McDonough and Tarantino…
In the vein of George Orwell and Aldous Huxley, Clark’s play is very topical in our world of bullying and The Hunger Games… Colt Coeur continues its streak of grade-A downtown productions.
Directed by Colt Coeur’s Adrienne Campbell-Holt with special sensitivity to degrees of abnormality, and performed by a bang-up cast, Clark’s thriller deploys clean naturalism in the service of a story that turns out to have Philip K. Dick on the brain.
Eliza Clark’s terribly intense and vividly imagined new play Recall, now at The Wild Project, is, unlike too much theatrical fare, not easily forgotten…Director Adrienne Campbell-Holt handles this rich terrain with aplomb and is aided by John McDermott’s simple yet evocative set and Grant Yeager’s astute lighting that brings each scene into focus. The stage may be small at Wild Project, but Clark and her collaborators have created a big world.