Play Hotel = colt coeur's principal arena for developing new work

Since our founding we've held 4-6 'play hotel; workshops during the course of the year. these are 3-6 day workshops that culminate in a free public reading. Recent Play Hotel playwrights & directors have included Clare Barron, Chiara Atik, Lindsey Ferrentino, Jon Caren, MJ Kaufman, Lily Padilla, Danya Taymor, Antoinette Nwandu, GT Upchurch, Claudia Weill, Tamilla Woodard, Kate Robin, Melissa Ross, Stella Powell-Jones, Laura Jacqmin, CATE YU and many more!


In 2014,

we launched our Parity Plays Festival - celebrating the work of female and trans playwrights & directors. Each fall we present 4 new plays in this series, and in 2017 & 2019 we partnered with the WP Theater for this program.

Resident Artist Photos.jpg

In 2017,

we launched CoCo Residents and welcomed 6 playwrights & directors into the fold - we are providing artistic, administrative and financial support to these talented artists during a year-long residency. We have continued this Residency annually.

2017-2018 residents: Rehana Lew Mirza, Jeremy O. Harris, Pirronne Yousefzadeh, Danya Taymor, Cate Yu, Kate Cortesi
2018-2019 residents: Will Arbery, Melissa Crespo, Justice Hehir, Natalie Margolin, Whitney White