Play Hotel = colt coeur's principal arena for developing new work

Since our founding we've held 4-6 'play hotel; workshops during the course of the year. these are 3-6 day workshops that culminate in a free public reading. Recent Play Hotel playwrights & directors have included Clare Barron, Chiara Atik, Lindsey Ferrentino, Jon Caren, MJ Kaufman, GT Upchurch, Claudia Weill, Tamilla Woodard, Kate Robin, Melissa Ross, Stella Powell-Jones, Laura Jacqmin, CATE YU and many more!


In 2014,

we launched our Parity Plays Festival - celebrating the work of female and trans playwrights & directors. Each fall we present 4 new plays in this series, and in 2017 we partnered with the WP Theater for this program.

Resident Artist Photos.jpg

In 2017,

we launched CoCo Residents and welcomed 6 playwrights & directors into the fold - we are providing artistic, administrative and financial support to these talented artists during a year-long residency.